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Sales and Marketing feature in some variation in every business in order to attract customers and generate sales of a product or service. The Marketing element involves raising awareness of a brand and connecting with an audience using a range of different methods. Marketing trends have evolved rapidly since the rise of social media and this has meant businesses have had to become more digitally focussed.

Working in Marketing includes many creative roles which are responsible for creating and designing campaigns as well as writing copy and managing a company’s social media accounts. However, there are also many analytical roles involved in marketing whose focus is on analysing data to determine how well campaigns are performing against the competition and making recommendations for improvement. There are also specific skills required for building and developing websites which most businesses require.

Sales jobs typically come with commission making them attractive to people who want to work in a fast-paced environment. Depending on the company you work for you could be selling to people face to face or over the phone, you might be selling to the general public or to other businesses.

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  • Telesales

  • Business Development Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Social Media Executive

  • SEO Executive

  • Graphic Designer

  • Marketing Assistant

  • Marketing Officer

  • Marketing Manager

  • & More…

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